Literary Works

Adult Fiction, written by Rebecca Helmer

  • The Caraway Estate - Gripping psychological Thriller
  • The Caraway ESCAPE - 2nd installment in series (In progress!)
  • Tabitha Keate - Young adult coming of age fantasy(Coming soon!)
  • The Roots - Young adult thriller(Coming soon!)




Children's Books, written & Illustrated by Rebecca Helmer

  • My Super Duper Annoying Family
  • Cecil the Seasick Seaship
  • How to Bother Like a Boss
  • My Name is Mess
  • Whatever She Wants to Be
  • Theodore Thatch Can't Catch
  • The Girl Who Bought a New Family
  • Anger Danger
  • Ladybug Was NOT a Lady
  • The Really Worried Rhino
  • Plain Old Princess
  • Super Dreams
  • Be True
  • Go Write a Book! (nonfiction)


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